Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Women whining!!

My husband gives me everything I want!!But I complain.
I complain because I dont get what I want when I want, but I get it every now and then, in bits and pieces. This is called the bits and pieces Syndrome. Tell me women, how many of you have this syndrome?? The other day I wanted this really beautiful ring and also wanted to go on an immediate vacation. As you can guess, both wishes fulfilled by hubby dear but in bits and pieces!!!


I haven't seen a single woman who said "My mother-in-law, is just like my mother".
Even If somebody did say they are obviously lieing.
Folks, how many of you are totally fine with your in-laws living with you?
The most unfortunate Mothers-in-law are those who do not have daughters. Seriously, every woman must have a daughter. I believe in the saying "Sons are sons only until they get their wives, but daughters will be daughters".


Hello All,

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